Some useful Inkk Mobile service tips:

1. When calling or txt messaging it says “check operator services” You have activated “Line 2” on your Nokia mobile. This phone line is not supported by Inkk Mobile. Simply hold down the hash key (#) to switch between phone lines. 

2. PUK - The PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) is a unique code specific to your SIM card and is required when the PIN code is entered incorrectly three times on your mobile. You’re then given 10 attempts to enter your PUK. If an incorrect PUK code is entered after the10th attempt, your SIM card will be permanently blocked and you’ll require a new SIM card. Call Customer Service on 444 to reset your PIN code. 

3. Premium Services - If you need any information, whether it be directions, what time FIJI is playing South Africa in the upcoming Test Match or a phone number you can’t remember, call Inkk Mobile on 443 from your Inkk Mobile service and if we do not have the information readily available, our dedicated team will find out for you. 

4. Text Messaging - You can send and receive messages of up to 160 characters globally. Inkk Mobile customers can send a text message for only 20 cents and it’s absolutely free to receive text messages. 

If you are unable to Text check the message center/service center/ route centre number. It should read +679901401 (refer to phone manual). Message format should be set to Text or sms.