Voice & SMS Plans

Effective 13th March, 2021 the following rates apply to the Voice and SMS bundle plans:

Plan Type Plan Menu Plan Name Plan Benefits Plan Expiry Price
Voice *525# AmazInkk Daily Pass Unlimited Calls & SMS 24 Hours $2.00
Voice *525# AmazInkk 3 Day Pass Unlimited Calls & SMS 3 Days $4.00
Voice *525# AmazInkk Weekly Pass Unlimited Calls & SMS 7 Days $8.00
Voice *525# AmazInkk Daily Local & Overseas Pass Unlimited Calls & SMS | 30 International Mins 24 Hours $3.00


Terms & Conditions:

  • Real Money and Lend Me can be used to subscribe to these plans.
  • Calls and SMS are applicable to On-net numbers.
  • On-net means Inkk to Inkk and Inkk to Vodafone.
  • International minutes for the AmazInkk Daily Local & Overseas plan are applicable to selected countries which includes: New Zealand, Australia, China, India, USA, Canada, Sri Lanka and Japan.
  • For more information, call our customer care line 443 (Charged), 444 (Free).