With Hitunes you can assign unique songs for specific people when they call. You can even create your own groups and select a personalized song. Bling your ring with Hitunes today!


  • Dial 411 - Brief explanation of "Hi Tune" service and advises calling
    411 incurs a charge of $0.04cents per unit (30 seconds) 
  • Dial 411 to gift a tone - Follow the prompts to select a tone then continue
    with the prompts until advised to select option for gifting. 
  • To Copy your friend's Hi Tune, simply press *(asterisk symbol)
    while calling your friend. The download per tune will cost you $1.87" 


Terms & Conditions:

  • $1.87 per tune download. Renewal fee of $0.93 applies every 30 days.
  • Service available for Inkk customers only.
  • For more information call 443 (Charged), 444 (Free) or visit www.inkk.com.fj. Conditions apply